Sync Your Spotify Music to Your Slack Status


Reacts to external changes to skip updates, e.g. when user is offline or status has been manually changed


Easy commands for quick use:
  • /spotme pause
  • /spotme play
  • /spotme purge
  • /spotme links
  • /spotme help


Customize your experience by running /spotme command or by accessing app Home Tab

One Click Setup

Ready to go with just one click!

Interact via commands or App Home Tab

SpotMyStatus app demo

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"If you have music on, people are less likely to interrupt you"

Prison Mike

"Pumped to share some cool rappers I picked up in the clink. Dinkin' Flicka!"


"I love that I can pause status syncing in case I'm listening to Kawaii metal"


"I'm just filling the row to make these totally legit testimonials look nice"

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